Phenomenal Hires. Long-Term Retention. 

What a Difference a Great Hire Makes

Managing people who are underperformers, poor culture fits, or don’t have the skills you need is painful and expensive. 

Unleash infinite success and happiness through the power of phenomenal hires. 

Our Service Levels

All of our service levels are based on this process. Book a free consultation to determine which service level is right for you. 

Empowerment Model

We'll provide you with all the tools and training you need to make great hires yourself.

Candidate Deep Dive

Do your own screening or use a recruiter. We'll do a deep dive so you can make an informed hiring decision.

Candidate Screening

We'll screen all candidates for you, so you can focus on just the candidates worth your time.

Full Service

We'll do all heavy lifting from start to finish. You make a phenomenal hire without having to do any of the work.


Our Team

We are business leaders who have all been on the client side of the fence as hiring managers. We have all built and led our own happy, successful teams. We leverage our proven methods to help our clients build their own happy, successful teams.

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